When that long day is finally over its time to go home and relax. Getting into your car, driving down the long road and finally arriving at your driveway can be as relaxing as laying down in a comfortable bed. The psychological effect is rewarding and it triggers a happy feeling of familiarity for everyone that associates their driveway with the warmth of the home and a cooked meal. However, to have this relaxing feeling you first have to have a driveway that you are proud of and that you did not have a lot of hassle either making or paying for. There are many driveway materials that are used to make the driveway of your dreams and we will be listing now some of the most popular and best driveways Nottingham.

1. Asphalt

Asphalt driveAsphalt is by far the most commonly used driveway material on the planet. Its cost is from £3.50+ per square foot and the maintenance of this choice will require you re-seal it every 2-5 years, even though the lifespan is about 20 years.

The Pros:

Hold amazing against temperature changes. Which basically means that having a change between the cold snow and warm sunny days won’t damage the material as quick as it will damage other types. It preserves heat which will help you to the melting of the snow during the transition from winter to spring. Asphalt can be re-cycled and fixing the damaged parts can be as easy as just pouring more asphalt over everything.

The Cons:

Regular upkeep is needed. Depending on the use of the driveway and the constant weather changes this driveway will require regular upkeep every 2-5 years. Can lose its color or erode due to drainage issues as it’s not amazing when it comes to absorbing water.

2. Gravel

Gravel is pretty cheap with the cost being £4,5+ per ft2 and when compared to the rest it is, in fact, the cheapest solution, however, it has its downsides.

The pros:
Inexpensive and quick to make into a driveway. Gravel is an amazing choice for homeowners that have a lot of time and not a lot of money. Additionally, it can make any house look and feel more amazing, and it will bump up the price if you are in the market to sell your home. This type of driveway can last you a lifetime and the maintenance of it is cheap.

The Cons:
High maintenance. It creates dust, it has loose rocks that can get stick in your car or tires, and worst of all it’s the best ground for weeds out of all the driveway choices. Another thing to think about is if you want to clear your driveway from the snow, it can be a challenge, but it won’t have problems with drainage.

3. Concrete

Concrete is a somewhat expansive method of making your driveway compared to the earlier mentioned ones. It starts at £7+ per ft2 and it also varies a lot in price depending on the chosen color of the concrete.

The Pros:
Its solid, and in most cases, it won’t have major maintenance issues as cracks tend to happen after almost a decade. The design can vary as there are many colors of concrete that you can choose from. Additionally, it lasts almost half a life as its lifespan is around 30-50 years.

The Cons:
Once you get the concrete driveway stained, it’s difficult to remove them. If you get oiled marks, you will have to seek professional stain removing help, or get a really good product to aid you. The erosion of the surface happens most during the winter as the salty roads will damage its foundation, it’s also not the best choice for areas where there are big changes in temperatures.